SAND MicroSystems

SAND MicroSystems

Innovation with Sand

Guidance and Support in Realization of ASIC, MEMS/Sensor and Photonic Products

SAND MicroSystems advises and supports larger leading as well as smaller and start-up companies in their challenges regarding the realization of innovative Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF ASICs, MEMS/Sensor (e.g.: Accelerometer, Pressure, Microphone, Mirror, …) and Photonic Products (e.g. miniaturized LiDARs and optical interfaces). The most important goal is to help the customer with our years of experience to minimize risks, costs and development time.

This Support can also include the interface to the customer like: Business Development and Product Management.

We are experienced in offering:

Flexible Hands-on Support

Product road-mapping, feasibility study, cost and risk analysis, specification, system architecture, Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF design, simulation and verification (e.g. with Cadence 6, ADEXL), design review before tape-out, characterization, packaging and supply chain. We focus strongly on interfaces among different disciplines, people, sites and organizations. We believe that most costly issues originate from interfaces.

Professional Coaching

We train and coach Team/Project Managers as well as Engineers with state-of-the-art approaches towards higher effectiveness and on-time product development (time-to-market - TTM) through our direct technical hands-on involvement and approach in your running projects.

Reviewing and Supporting of all activities with external Design-houses

If you work with an external ASIC design house, we can support you and your external partner with our years of experience across the industry and different microelectronic products to minimize your risks and avoid costly and time consuming re-spins. This support can include the review and interpretation of design, simulation and measurement results in order to help you to meet the right decisions.

Reduce your Costs and Product Development Time significantly through intense customer contacts, stronger Front-Loading and Risk Analysis already at the beginning!