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Hardware, Integrated (ASIC) Solutions and Strategy for Automotive and other Safety relevant Sensor Products

Functional Safety Technology Management/Engineering for Automotive and other Safety relevant Products (IEC 61508, ISO 26262)

Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF Hardware/ASIC Development for products such as MEMS, LiDAR and Optical Sensors

Pre Amplifier, Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), ADC (Sigma Delta, SAR), DAC, PLL, LDO, Charge Pump, High Voltage, PiN/SPAD Modeling & Interfacing

Development Process for Automotive and other Safety relevant Products coping with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 Functional Safety S​tandards


Feasibility Study

We strongly recommend to run a detailed feasibility study before starting any project to miniaturize a sensor product or to develop an ASIC or a Block of it. This should be done especially for automotive and other safety relevant products that need to fulfill the functional safety standards due to the IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 regulations.

We run feasibility studies including Supplier, Fab, Process, Effort, Cost, Packaging, Test, Production as well as System Partitioning and Architecture analyses with the goal to deliver basis for management decision making and minimizing the risks.


Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF ASIC Block Top-level Modeling (VerilogA, MatLab, Cadence), Transistor Level Circuit Simulation (Cadence, Spice), Layout and Post-Layout. Review and design verification as well as support in failure analysis of silicon received from the fab.

Modeling of detectors and optical sensors for development of the front-end.

Definition of safety goals and safety mechanisms, determination of failure rates, FMEDA, Technical Safety conceptuation due to functional safety standards (IEC 61508, ISO 26262).

Strategy & Process

With our years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry and Market we provide invaluable inputs to product companies in: 

- Development Process and Specification of new products for risk and cost minimization.

- Product and M&A Strategy development with focus on Integrated Circuits (IC) and Smart Sensor Products.




We have an international team of experienced Design and Layout Engineers.

Further we have access to highly skilled Analog / Mixed-Signal Design and Layout Engineers in Asia.


Our partner, a European Design House, provides Design services of full Analog/Mixed-Signal and High Voltage ASICs for industrial, automotive and consumer applications from concept to supply.


Outstanding and competent Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF Design Engineers are sought worldwide to cooperate in challenging and very exciting customer projects. Please send your CV to: 



We offer a special course on Optical Sensors and ASIC Sensor Interfacing.

Please contact us for dedicated online or onsite courses and schedules as you need or contact directly the organizer Continuing Education Institute-Europe AB (CEI-Europe).

Optical Sensors: Photodetector, Low Noise Interfacing, Signal Conditioning and ASIC Integration


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